11/15/2016 Big Sonia featured at DOC NYC

Leah Warshawski’s Big Sonia is being featured at the DOC NYC, the largest film festival that features nonfiction films. The Jewish Week praises Sonia as “one of the most appealing figures on screen at this year’s excellent DOC-NYC festival”. Read more of The Jewish Week’s review of Big Sonia here.

11/15/2016 Logging and Landslides

What is the underlying cause of a landslide? David Montgomery explores this question as well as the role that logging may or may not have in landslides in a recent story with Public News Story, The Conflict Between Landslides and Logging”.

10/03/2016 Leah Warshawski highlighted in JEWISH IN SEATTLE Magazine

Leah Warshawski discusses her film Big Sonia, the inspiration behind it and what’s next in the latest issue of Jewish in Seattle. You can check out the interview here.

09/02/2016 Phil Plait will be head science writer for Bill Nye’s new show

BIll Nye Saves the World will explore science and its impact on politics, society and pop culture. Each episode will tackle a different topic from a scientific point of view, dispelling myths and refuting anti-scientific claims that may be espoused by politicians, religious leaders or titans of industry. Nye also will bring in special guests, conduct experiments and, ultimately, let the facts make the case. The series is slated to debut in spring 2017.

Netflix and Bunim/Murray Productions will produce the series, with Gil Goldschein and Julie Pizzi set to exec produce with Michael Naidus (The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson), who will serve as showrunner. Writer and stand-up comedian Mike Drucker has been tapped as head writer, with astronomer, author and award-winning science communicator Phil Plait set as head science writer.

08/31/2016 Portrait of a Survivor

Leah Warshawki featured in CityArts:Big Sonia, the latest documentary by Leah Warshawski, follows in the socially aware steps of Finding Hillywood, her award-winning 2013 history of the Rwandan film industry. But the Seattle-based filmmaker’s follow-up takes a personal turn: Warshawski’s subject in this absorbing, moving feature is her paternal grandmother, Sonia, a pint-sized, energetic 90-year-old businesswoman whose beloved tailoring shop faces eviction from its location in a Kansas City mall. Stylish and irascible, Sonia’s also burdened with a harrowing past: As a child she survived the Holocaust while her friends and family perished in the wake of the Nazi atrocities. Big Sonia follows Sonia as she exorcizes those demons and opens the eyes of everyone from high school students to local prison inmates by relating her story to the world.”

08/26/2016 David Batstone’s latest social venture: Z Shoes

David Batstone, along with his sons, is at it again! Z shoes, a 100% eco friendly shoe, will begin pre-sales in Fall of 2016. Not only will a portion of the revenue from each shoe be going to Not For Sale, the materials and factory production will be in Peru- providing real jobs for the indigenous communities Not For Sale works with.


08/12/2016 David Montgomery and the latest research to link geologic and oral histories

A recent study led by Chinese researcher Qinglong Wu, provides evidence that supports oral stories of a flood that took place in China about 4,000 years ago. In an accompanying commentary, David Montgomery discusses how the study is the latest to provide historical and geologic support to traditional tales. Read more about the findings and David Montgomery’s commentary here.

07/29/2016 David Montgomery discusses how we can save civilization

How do we sustain civilization? Professor David Montgomery‘s research and ideas on the topic were recently highlighted in the Lancaster Farming: A Farmers Choice newspaper, the leading Northeast and Mid-Atlantic farm newspaper, in the article Slowing Erosion Could Sustain Civilization .

01/06/2016 Jen Marlowe: book review from behind bars

Read a touching review of Jen Marlowe’s book I Am Troy Davis from a prisoner on Texas’ death row.

12/30/2015 Jen Marlowe end-of-year review

Tireless human rights advocate Jen Marlowe summarizes the accomplishments of this past year in her end-of-year newsletter. Continue supporting Jen’s ventures through Donkey Saddle Projects here.