09/04/2014 Elissa Washuta has 2 articles about NA issues out this week

Elissa Washuta has two new columns about Native American identity and issues out this week. At Racialious you’ll find “Violence against Indigenous Women: Fun, Sexy, and No Big Deal on the Big Screen.” At The Weeklings you’ll find “I Am Not Pocahontas”.

09/03/2014 Jen Marlowe: Brazil’s Men of the Sea

The fifth video in Jen Marlowe‘s video series about human rights vio9lations in Brazil is about AHOMAR, an organization trying to prevent pollution of Guanabara Bay.

08/19/2014 How to Write a Memoir

The Stranger reviews Elissa Washuta’s new book, My Body Is A Book Of Rules.
“Body is a storm of fingernails and teeth and gripping, prying fingers flying at you from all directions, a hurricane of parts amounting to a person in full. No matter how prepared you think you are for Washuta, she’s sure to knock you over.”

07/31/2014 My Body Is A Book of Rules

A profile of Elissa Washuta from CityArts Magazine: “Washuta is her own harshest interrogator. It’s uncomfortable watching someone pick at a knot that took 10 years to develop, and then to realize that it’s going to take generations and many more books to process all the seemingly disparate but totally connected stuff—but My Body Is a Book of Rules is a necessary and beautiful start.”

07/30/2014 Each One Is A World

Jen Marlowe shared her thoughts on the conflict in Israel/Palestine: Vehemently Resisting Dehumanization; Each One Is A World; Scanning The Names.

07/30/2014 Rays of Hope in Gaza

Jen Marlowe’s article in Yes! Magazine: 13 Israeli and Palestinian Groups Building Peace. The safety and security every Israeli and Palestinian child deserves can only come about if all children’s rights are secured. Here are the people trying to make that happen.

07/29/2014 Deize: the making of a human rights defender in Brazil

Jen Marlowe’s newest video: Deize Carvalho, a human rights defender I met in the Cantagalo favela in Rio, tells the story of how her teenaged son Adreu was murdered by the police, and how that tragedy transformed her into the activist agaisnt police brutality that she is today.

06/24/2014 Justice Finally Found Me

Jen Marlowe worked on this video about Franky Carrillo, wrongfully imprisoned in California for 20 years, with Death Penalty Focus.

06/13/2014 Brazil: Occupy Camera

Part 3 of a 7 part video series about Brazil created by Jen Marlowe. Protests erupted in Brazil last summer over a host of interrelated social issues, and continue, with a focus on the World Cup. The protestors have been at risk of police violence, as well as the citizen-journalists who have covered the protests and real time, and the lawyers who have been defending the protestors.

06/11/2014 Brazel: The Guarani Struggle

Jen Marlowe has released Part 2 of a seven part video series about injustice in Brazil during the World Cup. “A look at the struggle of the indigenous Guarani community in the Southwestern Brazilian state of Mato Grosso du Sol, who are desperately trying to reclaim their tribal lands from big agro-business–and being brutally targeted (often killed) in the process by the farmers, usually with complete immunity.”