01/17/2014 Damaged Teeth a Consequence of Captivity for Orcas

Drs. John Jett & Jeffrey Ventre are quoted in this ‘Decoded Science’ article about SeaWorld and the orcas.

01/16/2014 M. Nicole Nazzaro’s new project: A Workout Every 48 Hours

M. Nicole Nazzaro, our health expert, has a new project for 2014: Every 48 Hours

“Every 48 hours for the next year of my life, I will commit to doing at least one hour of vigorous cardio activity. I’ll log it here. And at the end of the year, we’ll see where we are: weight, health, marathons (yes, there’s a big goal still stalking me in that category), all of the important blood tests and other markers of health – and the one nobody can measure except ourselves: true wellness.

I’ll be here to tell the tale. What happens on the days when I’m tired? When I can’t get to the gym and it’s raining? When I don’t “feel like it”? That doesn’t matter. Every 48 hours, minimum, I’ll be moving hard for an hour.”

01/02/2014 The destructive legacy of the first Thanksgiving: How Europeans hurt the American diet

Elissa Washuta in Salon: Colonists’ food and policies hurt Native peoples’ health. Now Native communities are taking their food ways back.

01/02/2014 The wrongheaded obsession with “vanishing” indigenous peoples

Elissa Washuta in Salon: Photographer Jimmy Nelson is just the latest artist to act like indigenous groups are about to die out.

01/02/2014 Amanda Koster working with The Seattle Foundation

Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) and The Seattle Foundation (TSF) are partnering on Elements of a Healthy Community, a photography project documenting the various ways that The Seattle Foundation has supported organizations and quality of life in King County.  Five local photographers, including Amanda Koster, were recommended by PCNW and selected by TSF to create photographs in their own style and vision, reflecting subject matter defined by TSF’s historical areas of interest in giving.

01/02/2014 South Sudan: ‘Lost Boys’ of Sudan Cry for Peace

Gabriel Bol Deng pleads for peace in South Sudan.

12/05/2013 Where There Is No Doctor

Socheata Poeuv writes about the future of medicine at the Huffington Post.

12/05/2013 The Controversial Death Row Case of Troy Davis

Nick Digilio visits with activist and author Jen Marlowe about her latest book I am Troy DavisCo-written with Davis’ sister Martina, the book examines the controversial circumstances of his conviction and execution for murder.

11/21/2013 Fantagraphics crowdfunding makes a big splash

Fantagraphics discovers friends online

When Seattle-based comic-book and graphic-novel publisher Fantagraphics Books took to Kickstarter earlier this month asking for a $150,000, co-founder Gary Groth saw it as a way to help boost the company’s sagging funds for the spring-summer publishing season of 2014.

11/21/2013 James Yee in the Press-Citizen

Yee’s story shows much more work needs to be done

Yee’s story is a reminder of the work still to be done to close the infamous Guantanamo Bay, to ending religious bias, to always adhere to our principles and to the rule of law even at times of war/threats.