06/13/2014 Brazil: Occupy Camera

Part 3 of a 7 part video series about Brazil created by Jen Marlowe. Protests erupted in Brazil last summer over a host of interrelated social issues, and continue, with a focus on the World Cup. The protestors have been at risk of police violence, as well as the citizen-journalists who have covered the protests and real time, and the lawyers who have been defending the protestors.

06/11/2014 Brazel: The Guarani Struggle

Jen Marlowe has released Part 2 of a seven part video series about injustice in Brazil during the World Cup. “A look at the struggle of the indigenous Guarani community in the Southwestern Brazilian state of Mato Grosso du Sol, who are desperately trying to reclaim their tribal lands from big agro-business–and being brutally targeted (often killed) in the process by the farmers, usually with complete immunity.”

05/06/2014 Amanda Koster fights sex trafficking in her Seattle neighborhood

Photographer and activist Amanda Koster has started an effort to end sex trafficking in her Seattle neighborhood: video and article from KIRO7.

05/06/2014 Jen Marlowe writes about the death penalty

Activist Jen Marlowe wrote this heartfelt piece for Tikkun Daily: Troy Davis: The Human Price of the Death Penalty.

04/01/2014 More news stories featuring Dr. David Montgomery’s landslide explanations

Prof. Dave Montgomery, geomorphologist, appeared on Here & Now and USA Today to talk about mudslides and how they occur.

03/26/2014 Prof. Montgomery sought out for landslide expertise

In the wake of the tragic landslide in Snohomish County, WA, Prof. David Montgomery has been interviewed about landslide risk and prevention by several news outlets, including All Things Considered, PBS NewsHour (transcript), and KUOW.

03/21/2014 Loung Ung adds YouTube channel with new videos

Author and activist Loung Ung launched a new YouTube channel today, featuring a about her recent film Girl Rising, news coverage, and clips of her speaking.

02/26/2014 Jen Marlowe discusses death penalty suspension

KING 5’s Mark Wright sat down with Seattle author Jen Marlowe to talk about Gov. Jay Inslee’s decision to suspend the death penalty as long as he’s in office.

01/21/2014 Sleep advice from Arianne Cohen

Sleeping separately saved my marriage, on cnn.com, by Arianne Cohen

01/17/2014 Damaged Teeth a Consequence of Captivity for Orcas

Drs. John Jett & Jeffrey Ventre are quoted in this ‘Decoded Science’ article about SeaWorld and the orcas.