03/24/2017 ‘Big Sonia’ featured on King5!

Leah Warshawski appeared on New Day Northwest/King5 to talk about Big Sonia: Documentary captures tiny Holocaust survivor’s larger-than-life spirit.

03/10/2017 Dr. Terrence Roberts To Speak To Thousands On Discrimination, Tolerance

SAN RAMON, CA — A civil rights activist who was one of the students involved in the desegregation of public schools in Arkansas during the 1950s will speak to thousands of students and staff members from the San Ramon Valley Unified School District on Thursday and Friday.

03/08/2017 Not For Sale founder recognized

David Batstone, founder of Not For Sale — a nonprofit with a mission to put an end to human trafficking and modern slavery — will be accepting the “Peace Award” from the United Nations later this week.

03/06/2017 Little Rock Nine member speaks to students at East Cobb Middle School

Sixty years after Dr. Terrence Roberts integrated an Arkansas high school, he urged East Cobb Middle School students to never give up when fighting to accomplish their goals.

01/24/2017 Prof. Montgomery quoted in the Seattle Times

Prof. Dave Montgomery is quoted in the Seattle Times about the formation of a beautiful disc of ice.

01/24/2017 The Art of Community featured on the Flywheel Podcast

Charles Vogl’s work in ‘The Art of Community’ is featured in the most recent The FlyWheel Podcast.


Eli Kimaro’s talk from TEDxSeattle is now online: Why The World Needs Your Story

12/07/2016 Big Sonia wins best documentary feature at Napa Film Festival

Big Sonia, produced and directed by filmmaker Leah Warshawski, was recently screened at the Napa Film Festival where it  received Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature as well as the Audience Award for Favorite Documentary Feature. In it’s review, The Hollywood Reporter states “Engaging and thoughtful, the winner of the Napa Valley Film Festival’s top documentary prize would be a strong addition to nonfiction lineups on the festival circuit and the small screen, as well as in niche theatrical settings.” Read the rest of the review here.

11/15/2016 Big Sonia featured at DOC NYC

Leah Warshawski’s Big Sonia is being featured at the DOC NYC, the largest film festival that features nonfiction films. The Jewish Week praises Sonia as “one of the most appealing figures on screen at this year’s excellent DOC-NYC festival”. Read more of The Jewish Week’s review of Big Sonia here.

11/15/2016 Logging and Landslides

What is the underlying cause of a landslide? David Montgomery explores this question as well as the role that logging may or may not have in landslides in a recent story with Public News Story, The Conflict Between Landslides and Logging”.